Hello & welcome beautiful souls!

My name is Fabiola, I’m passionate about holistic Health & Nutrition and I’m the founder of ShinewithPlants. Where am I from? The simple answer is that I’m French with African roots and I currently live in Chicago. My real answer is that I’m a planetarian who loves being connected with amazing souls around the world. And… what do I eat? Well, I thrive on a whole, natural and mostly raw vegan diet, and I looove fresh, gorgeous and ripe fruits! I’m also a fitness addict and I run almost every day. Haha, I know—all that may sound perfect, but you don’t know everything about me yet…

It hasn’t always been this way

In my early childhood, I was a plump, cute little girl and this was quite okay and funny. Around the age of 10, I started facing body weight issues and I quickly became overweight. As a young girl freshly starting high school, I was influenced by peoples’ judgments and I started to see myself only as this “fat girl” who didn’t deserve love. This way of thinking made me start to reject my body image. I started struggling on and off with dieting, which gradually developed into an eating disorder. Furthermore, I was constantly stressed out and anxious, and suffered from severe headaches and acne on my face and back. All those issues really impacted my everyday happiness and self-confidence. A simple invitation from friends to go out was a stressful moment for me as I didn’t enjoy being around people. I constantly felt judged, which was not true but just in my head. However, I knew deep inside that I was doing something wrong, but what?

From a surviving state to a thriving living

My health journey began in 2013, and it was a progressive path (mainly due to the lack of information). The summer of 2013 was the exact moment of the first shift! I discovered the vegetarian world and after succeeding on a 21-day challenge following a meat and dairy free diet, I became a pescetarian avoiding dairy products. I soon noticed some positive changes on my weight, but I still had a lot of issues. At that moment, I felt that I was close to something big and I was willing to discover it. The little changes that I had experienced until then definitely convinced me that I could live a happy, healthy and fit life without counting calories and fasting in order to maintain a “slim” body. I started to educate myself about health through books, documentaries and YouTube videos.

A few months later, I switched to a totally plant-based diet, and this discovery has been life-altering. After eating this way for only few days, I started feeling the changes in my body, mind and soul. I noticed astonishing results in my health and weight, and I finally started to live a fully joyful and passionate life every day. My energy level skyrocketed like never before and exercising became a part of my daily routine. Today, I feel more aligned with who I really am by eating foods which not only make me healthy and slim, but also save the animals that I’ve always been in love with. I wake up every day with the excitement of taking a new step toward becoming the best version of myself.

The secret of living is giving

Nothing comes close to the fulfillment and the joy that I feel when I share with people the benefits of this amazing lifestyle. I live it, I eat it, I breath it and I love it! I created my online platforms to share my knowledge and experiences based on plant-based nutrition as well as fitness, mindfulness and much more. After struggling for many years, I know what it’s like to feel sick, to feel overweight, frustrated and in poor physical condition. I want to share everything I have learned to assist anyone out there who is looking to make some health changes. It worked for me and it may work for you too!